Developing specialized cancer, CNS and infectious disease pharmaceutical products

The pharmaceutical supply chain

The top 10 global health pharmaceutical supply chain challenges:

  1.  Inventory management
  2.  Shipment visibility
  3.  Lack of coordination
  4.  Absent demand information  
  5.  Shortage avoidance
  6.  Order management
  7.  HR dependency 
  8.  Expiration 
  9.  Warehouse management
  10.  Temperature control

In addition, recent changes to implement the Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) require that companies create and establish an electronic traceability system for pharmaceutical drugs. Companies of products marketed in the US should consider if their existing supply chain management systems and processes provide:

  1.  Accurate information across the entire chain at any point and at any location. 
  2.  Instant access to real-time updates and alerts if issues are detected
  3.  Visibility of all handovers in the supply chain
  4.  Traceability back to source of all materials
  5.  Seamless collaboration between all parties

nanopharmaceutics - the supply chain solution

nanopharmaceutics supports production and movement of goods from start to finish through "track and trace" to improve visibility throughout the supply chain.  Networking suppliers, partners, and logistics providers along the supply chain offers a complete view of inventory and activities. nanopharmaceutics utilizes Tracelink, a cloud-based supply chain management platform that offers customers online visibility to all points in the supply chain.  This capability allows insight into how these might be navigated in order to avoid impacts on distribution.  And crucially, this can help track and tracing via serialization.

nanopharmaceutics can support your product supply chain by providing APIs and support services for all stages of drug development:

  • API manufacturing and characterization information 

  • Trackable supply and release of cGMP API for pre-clinical / clinical studies

  • Validated shipping procedures and storage conditions to insure stability  

  • Drug Master File (DMF) submission for regulatory submissions

  • Supply and release of cGMP API for commercial products

  • Online documentation for all stages of product development

For fixed-price cGMP manufacturing of lead compounds up to kilogram quantities, our supply chain and analytical partners can provide support for R&D to clinical -stage development programs.